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ugosign revolutionizes the electronic signature.

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The enhanced electronic signature

Your expertise, your knowledge, your business. Let ugosign take care of the rest with its intelligent signature management features

Scanning of your documents

We scan your PDF documents to generate your contracts more easily and quickly to save you 80% of time and reduce customer cancellations by 25%.

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Ultra-fast signatures

Create your signature request in less time than it takes to say it (less than 1 minute!). Increase your conversion rate in a few clicks

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Simple and secure

Your contracts stored in France in a secure manner thanks to the latest digital encryption technologies

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More signatures, less paper. By choosing ugosign you make the choice of a totally carbon-free solution

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Why switch to electronic signature?

The use of the electronic signature allows to save the costs of printing, travel, sending papers by post, as well as the manpower necessary to prepare the documents and to take care of the printing, it is an extraordinary saving of time. This is evident in the time it takes to sign employment contracts, invoices, purchase orders, administrative documents and any other contracts.

What is the legal value of the electronic signature?

From a legal point of view, the electronic signature has the same value as a paper signature, provided that a reliable identification process is used to guarantee its link with the act to which it is attached. The electronic signature is admissible as evidence in court

What are the 3 types of electronic signatures?

Les 3 types de signatures électroniques reconnus par le règlement eIDAS

  • Signature électronique simple ou de base (SES) ...

  • Signature électronique ou numérique avancée (AES) ...

  • Signature électronique ou numérique avancée qualifiée (QES)

What types of documents can be signed with ugosign in electronic signature

  • Vente : contrats de vente, conditions générales de ventes, devis...

  • Ressources humaines : contrats de travail, notes de frais, avenants...

  • Finance : factures, accords de confidentialité...

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David Devila
Investisseur spécialiste en investissementimmobilier

I already use electronic signature for my training organization with which I have to make our participants sign a lot of documents. Before discovering ugosign, I was using a very expensive electronic signature tool, I was losing a lot of time in the signature process with a non-intuitive use to modify documents to be transformed into PDF for example, or to import them. Since I switched to ugosign, our teams have been able to save up to 80% of their time in the signing process. It is easier to focus on the content to be signed than on the signing process.

Stéphane Dourtois
Stéphane Dourtois
Responsable d'agence

All our real estate consultants, who have used the electronic signature, have definitely adopted it. Every day thousands of real estate consultants sign numerous documents such as exclusive mandates, visit vouchers or purchase offers to name but a few. In the digital age, it is important to free ourselves from these constraints and to simplify our signature processes.